Incredibly Attractive Offer from Huawei to Potential 'AppGallery' Developers

Chinese technology giant Huawei made an announcement to please developers to grow AppGallery, the Google Play Store alternative. The company will devote 90% of the revenue from apps on AppGallery to developers.

As you may remember, Huawei was deprived of using Google's services due to the trade war erupting between the United States and China. The company had to produce its own operating system, its own application and play store, and more.

Today, Huawei has given news to the developers about the app store called AppGallery , which will be on their smartphones in the future . The company announced the amount of profits for developers who will install their apps and games on AppGallery.

90% of revenue will go to developers:

According to a statement made by Huawei appgallery'y application that installs and game developers, from product revenues derived 90% ' s to gain back. Huawei seems to have provided enough motivation for developers to contribute to their own store.

If we compare AppGallery's revenue to developers with Google's Play Store, let's say that Google has acquired 30% of its revenue from Play Store . In other words, developers can only add 70% of their income from the Play Store to their wallets.

This system, officially called ' Percentage of Revenue Share for Preferred Policy ' by Huawei , is valid for 24 months after developers accept the offer , but developers who want to get 90% revenue from AppGallery have to submit their applications by June 30, 2020 .

Another explanation from Huawei was whether AppGallery would be available on future devices. Huawei said AppGallery will come preloaded on all of the company's and HMS's new phones . So Huawei's own store is now clear in all its areas.

Although AppGallery contains tons of apps today, it is of course too small to compare with today's Play Store, but the company will definitely increase the number of apps and games available on AppGallery thanks to this great opportunity it offers to developers . We will all wait and see what AppGallery will have in the future.

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