Indian MP recommends Drinking Cow Urine to Fight Corona Virus

A member of the ruling party of Uttarakhand state in India suggested using cow urine to combat the Corona virus. Ancient Hindu rituals and cow urine, according to the attorney, "kill the virus in the air and body."

The outbreak of the new deadly Corona virus (COVID-19) , which has spread to the whole world after the emergence of Wuhan, People's Republic of China, has killed 3,491 people so far, has also reached India. If he is a deputy from India , he has put forward his own unique method to combat COVID-19.

Sanjay Gupta , a deputy of the ruling party BJP from the Laksar region of Haridwar city in the north of the country, believes that  ancient Hindu rituals and cow urine will kill viruses in the air and in the body. In the images circulating on social media, Gupta says he thinks that practicing Vedic rituals in Hinduism will work in fighting the virus.

Cow feces also suggested

Arguing that people used to wipe the floor as " disinfectant " with cow feces, but this was forgotten recently, the Indian lawmaker claimed that the virus would not enter the house of people who started to practice this tradition again. Gupta also suggested that cow urine called " gaumutra " should be drunk in India , suggesting that this would prevent the transmission of the virus to the body. Gupta claimed that the gaumutra "has magical antivirus features ".

Prior to these statements by Gupta, a Hindu nationalist group named Hindu Mahasabha organized a " cow urine " activity under the name of fighting the Corona virus . The group's leader, Swami Chakrapani, said that during the event they gave people urine to urinate to drink, and also reminded the participants that they should apply cow feces to their body to combat the virus .

Gupta is not the first proxy to suggest cow urine. Suman Haripriya , who was a deputy in the BJP Assam state parliament before, suggested that cow urine is an effective disinfectant and can be used in the treatment of COVID-19. Haripriya said, “ We all know that cow feces is very useful. Likewise, cow urine purifies an environment. "I believe that a treatment method can be found with cow urine, cow feces against Covid-19 ."

So far, there have been 31  cases of Corona viruses in India, 16 of which are Italian tourists .

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