Instagram CEO Announces Instagram's Biggest Problem

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, answered his followers' questions during his Q & A event on his personal account. Answering many different questions, Mosseri also mentioned the company's priorities for 2020.

Instagram , one of the companies that had a very active year in 2019, tested many different features throughout the year and removed some of its features from the platform. At the beginning of these changes made in the platform, we can say that the removal of the follow tab . The removal of this feature was appreciated by some people and criticized by others.

On the other hand, another feature that the company tested in 2019 was the concealment of the number of tastes . This change, which has not yet been officially processed, included your inability to see the number of likes received on someone else's photos. The fact that the company had a very active year with all these changes brought the question of What will be the innovations in 2020?

The Instagram CEO announced the company's priorities in 2020

Adam Mosseri , the head of Instagram, launched a Q & A event with his followers in the stories he shared yesterday . Mosseri answered many different kinds of questions within the scope of this event and did not neglect to mention the company's priorities in 2020.

Mosseri, from a user, "What is the biggest problem currently facing the company?" The question of "Our greatest responsibility is the welfare of people who use Instagram. Our biggest challenge is competition ” . From another user "was the main target of Instagram'ın?" Mosseri on the question, "You have to meet with your favorite people and things" he said.

However, the CEO also answered a question about concealing the likes of 2019's most discussed Instagram changes, and said they are still working on it. Perhaps the most striking of the questions was “Instagram's priorities in 2020” . Mosseri stated that they have not yet given their final form for this, but many are in good condition; He said the US elections, secrecy, Stories and messaging continue to grow and are working on new changes.

In 2019, Instagram stated that they will do more to protect the mental health of the users . It seems that the company will continue to work in this direction in 2020.

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