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Intel's first long-awaited public DCH drives with OEM restrictions posted. With this update, necessary support was provided for various computer games.

Intel, which is in serious competition with AMD in the processor market, has also encountered smaller graphics competitors in the graphics area. Unlike AMD's APUs, Intel has integrated graphics processors called iGPU.

The capacities of these graphics units are of course not as good as flagship cards made specifically for this job. However, these graphics processors can be enough to meet the needs of many gaming enthusiasts.

Unlimited iGPU from Intel

Intel's new DCH drives stand out as the first release among public drives with no manufacturer restrictions. Support for some games has been added to these alternatives, which are used by those who do not play very competitively or who cannot budget for a good video card.

Launched under the name of, the new driver has features that will please players using integrated graphics units. Offering performance optimization in general, the driver also improved its optimization on 10th generation Intel Core devices: Minecraft Dungeons, Darksiders Genesis, Warcraft III.

Some issues have been fixed with the new update. Problems experienced in many games such as Halo 2: Anniversary and Doom Eternal have been solved with the new update. All changes have been published by Intel.

How to install Intel drivers?

While there are different ways to install Intel drivers, the easiest is to use application files that provide direct installation by the company. Just download and run the file and then say “next/next” to perform the auto installation.

The process works differently when downloading the driver as a manual download format. Intel states that this file is for developers and IT professionals. New graphics processor drivers are now available for download.

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