Intel’s Next Generation Optane and NAND SSD

Details about Intel's next-generation Optane and 144-layer 3D NAND SSDs have been released. The technology giant will eventually manufacture storage units with PCIe 4.0 support.

This time the Blog Team has researched the technology giant Intel Optane and NAND SSD for you.

As a result of work done by Intel's Permanent Memory (NVM) Solutions Group company. The new generation storage unit presented information about Optane NAND and 2nd Generation Optane.

The company, which announced that it is compatible with the new generation Optane PCIe 4.0, did not limit its features.

Information about the new Units is explained in the Introduction to Keys Crone Port Rob Crooke.

Keystone was identified as the name of the unit Intel will release this year.

Intel improves storage

Keystone Port looks like Intel's latest SSD.

Intel also announced that QLC SSD sales exceeded 10 million in total, but PCL technology is currently under development, with 5 bits per cell.

The company plans to release the single-port Alder Stream Optane SSD this year. The dual-port version is planned to go on sale in 2021.

Production in multiple plants

Intel has many chip production facilities. However, it has not yet made a clear comparison. On the other hand, Intel has an agreement with Micron on supply. The capacity of the new Drivers is not yet clear. However, DC P4800X Dual-port drives have 375 GB, 750 GB, and 1.5 TB versions.

In our research, the Blog Team also has 3 TB expectations.

Optane draws much attention, according to Intel's claims. According to the Optane division manager, Kristle Manne, about 200 of the companies on the Fortuna 500 List use Optane.

Mann also revealed that the code name for 2nd Generation 3D XPoint DIMMs is burloww Pass.

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