Interface of Apple Wallet App to be Updated with iOS 13.4

Improving the Apple Card user experience every day, Apple will update the interface of the Apple Wallet app with iOS 13.4. Thus, users will be able to examine the purchases made under the name of 'Apple Services' in more detail.

Technology giant Apple continues to improve the experience that Apple Card  , one of its new ventures  , promises for its users. At this point, the 'Apple Wallet' application included in the iOS 13.4 beta released recently ; App Store offers a richer and more detailed transaction history than before for purchases and other Apple subscriptions.

This interface change in the Apple Wallet app was first noticed by Reddit users. The transaction made in previous versions was categorized only as ' Apple Services' purchase. At this point, the user had to search the history of purchases in the App Store to find out exactly what the purchase shown in Wallet was .

Purchases made with Apple Card will be displayed in more detail:

This new and improved interface offers a more detailed transaction history with an icon for the purchase . For example, the Apple Music app's icon for 'Apple Music' subscription renewals appears on this screen. The same is said to apply to third-party in-app purchases.

Although this change seems small and insignificant, Apple Card; it allows its users to more easily see what exactly they are paying for. Of course,  it should not be forgotten that Apple Card feature is only available in the USA for now .

IOS 13.4, released with version number 17E5249a and includes many bug fixes, is currently being tested in beta . The new version, which is available for developers, is expected to be released for iPhone and iPad users later in March, if no problems are found . You can stay on track to be aware of all the developments in this process.

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