International Investigation Launched to World Health Organization

Countries attending the final meeting of the World Health Organization's top executive body asked WHO's stance on the coronavirus outbreak to be subjected to an international, independent investigation. After the voting, an investigation was made to WHO.

After the coronavirus epidemic spread to other countries after China, remarkable claims were made about the World Health Organization (WHO) . Some countries, notably the USA, have suggested that WHO submits to pressure from China and declares the outbreak too late as a pandemic.

In the days of the epidemic, the size of the epidemic increased in the USA, US President Donald Trump blamed China for coronavirus and even started calling the virus

a Chinese virus. Trump directed one of his attacks on the coronavirus outbreak to the World Health Organization.

In the letter he sent to the WHO, the US President alleged that the United States would cut its financial support to the World Health Organization if it did not commit to improve the organization's work .

Following Trump's allegations, many country governments criticized WHO. 100 of the 194 countries that participated in the 73rd meeting of the World Health Assembly,

WHO 's highest decision-making body , accepted the proposal to control WHO on epidemic management due to criticism.

With the adoption of the motion supported by the European Union, an 'impartial, independent and comprehensive' investigation will be launched against the World Health Organization. Countries participating in the World Health Assembly also announced that the investigation will begin as soon as possible.

How the investigation process of the World Health Organization will be conducted and which delegation will carry out the investigation has not been announced yet. It is also among the details that are not explained how long the investigation will end.


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