Internet Users Begin Using Reddit to Diagnose Corona Virus

Some Reddit users are trying to find out if they have the Corona virus by sharing the symptoms they have seen on the site. Experts point out that these behaviors are not very smart.

The Corona virus (COVID-19), which has spread to the whole world after the appearance of the Wuhan city of the People's Republic of China and has killed 3,411 people so far , continues to cause panic. Recently, some internet users have begun to question whether they are infected with COVID-19 on Reddit  .

So far, 36 Reddit users have received some subtitles under the "Corona virus got me?" It is stated that he is looking for an answer to the question. The symptoms expressed in many of the posts sent by users coincide with the symptoms caused by COVID-19. However, these symptoms can also be symptoms of other diseases, for example, influenza. One of the users; She complained of sore throat, fever, ear pain, severe headache and cough.

Experts do not welcome the diagnosis of disease from the Internet:

Dr. of the Westmed Medical Group. Sandra Kesh, medical untrained person should not be relied upon the information, so the internet from sites such as Reddit, for diagnostic purposes to benefit advised. Kesha, receiving medical attention may or contrary to the wrong case to be infected with a group of viruses Corona people benefiting from Reddit directed, Corona virus with the medical help they receive willingly health care provider in case it is infected  excessive load will embark drew attention.

Experts remind that it is useless to receive COVID-19 help with online methods, because there is an overlap between familiar viral infections and diseases caused by the Corona virus . Kesh thinks that Reddit is responsible for preventing the spread of false information about the issue, saying that they are in the early stages of the Corona virus outbreak and little is still known about the infection. However, Kesh also acknowledges that online platforms can be efficient areas for public health information .

Reddit has not made a statement about the subject, but a representative of the site has announced a session with doctors and Corona virus experts in the "Ask-me-anything" section of the platform . Kesh recommends that those who think they have the virus apply to primary care . Kesh admits that it is difficult for those who do not have access to health insurance or primary care.

In addition, the lack of Corona virus test kits in the USA raises concerns about controlling the outbreak. It was previously announced that 1 million tests will be available by the end of this week, but US Vice President Mike Pence has said that 1 million tests cannot be prepared during this time .

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