iOS 14 Can Make Applications Used Without Fully Downloaded

Allegedly, iOS 14 will have a brand new feature. With this feature, users will be able to browse the content of the application without downloading the applications completely. The application's content will appear in a new window.

According to a new report, with the iOS 14 operating system, iPhone users will be able to access some features of the application without downloading third-party applications. How much of the application will be displayed will be determined by the developer of the application.

The leaked copy of iOS 14 obtained by 9to5Mac is claimed to have an embedded code called 'Clips' in the application programming interface. The application programming interface offers a screen that allows remote use of the application's functions . Thanks to 'Clips', iPhone users will be able to access certain functions of the application from the window opened by scanning a QR code. It is not yet known whether the same feature will be used by clicking on the link on their website.

If this feature really becomes available with the next big iOS update, users will have a chance to try it without downloading the game. It is claimed that this feature has been tested with companies like Yelp, DoorDash and YouTube . The leaked version of iOS 14 from 9to5Mac includes many new features for iPhones. The home screen will have

a new look with widgets . iCloud passwords will be secured with 2-factor protection. It will be possible to unlock or even use a vehicle using iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple may introduce iOS 14 in WWDC 2020 , which will be fully online in June . The use of the operating system is expected to begin in the autumn of 2020.

Apple will recruit more than 1,000 trainees this year, although the world is affected by the coronavirus . Although many stores have been temporarily closed due to the virus, summer interns will be taken.


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