It Was Alleged to Say Goodbye to LG G Series and Continue with Chocolate Series

According to the claims of South Korean sources, LG will say goodbye to the G series, which is experiencing a major collapse. The company plans to replace the G series with the Chocolate series, which has a 10-year history.

South Korean technology giant LG seems to have plans for a major change. Because the claims from South Korea state that the company is working on a new flagship smartphone series and will say goodbye to the current flagship G series with this series. Even more interesting about these claims is that LG's new smartphone series is actually " Chocolate ", which was announced about 10 years ago .

LG had a deep influence on the smartphone industry with the Chocolate series. In those years, consumers had the opportunity to experience the features that many technology manufacturers could not offer with the LG Chocolate series. LG may be planning to rise again with its once popular brand. Allegedly, the leader of this initiative is Yeon-Mo Lee, Vice President of LG Electronics.

A claim made recently revealed that LG's upcoming G9 flagship phone would come with Snapdragon 765G, not Snapdragon 865 processor. This shows that LG's last phone in the G series will fall into the middle segment . According to recent claims, the main reason for G9 to fall into the middle segment is the G series is coming to an end.

According to allegations, LG has been working very feverishly for its new smartphones. The company, which wants to separate its new phones from other phones with 5G connection support , has also brought some of its other series features, such as V, to its new phones. LG seems to push all its limits to impress consumers with new products in the coming periods .

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