Japan Starts Work For 6G That Will Be 10 Times Faster Than 5G

Japan started work on 6G technology, which will be 10 times faster than 5G. China, South Korea and Finland are among the countries that started working on 6G, which is thought to shape the technology of the future.

Recent information shared by Nikkei indicates that Japan has begun to work extensively on 6G technology . It is claimed that the 6G technology that Japan plans to offer by 2030 will be 10 times more girls than 5G. Shared information includes countries such as China, South Korea, and Finland, which have begun work on 6G technology. As you know, keeping up with Japan's 5G technology has not been a fast process, but the country hopes to catch up with early work on 6G technology.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan, plans to set up a research team that will include technology-related citizens, as well as public officials . The research team, which will work under the coordination of Tokyo Goshinjin University, will include researchers from NTT and Toshiba. The decision on general policies and performance targets of 6g h in azirine which is expected to take shape.

6G technology can change the future of humanity

Authorities believe that the 6G technology they started their work will radically change the future . Thanks to 6G technology, future people will be able to take part in conference rooms or classrooms with their 3D images . In addition, it is stated that great progress will be made in robot technology and robots will undertake many jobs of people. Japan has allocated a $ 2.03 billion budget for the research and development of 6G technology . Expected to be 10 times faster than 5G technology, 6G will provide network connectivity using previously unused high frequency waves. 

Of course, Japan is not the only country that started working on 6G technology. The Chinese government also stated in November 2019 that it will establish two institutes to carry out 6G studies. Some universities and state-sponsored institutes from Finland have also started working on 6G technology. Samsung and LG brands in South Korea also took the first steps for this area in 2019. We will see together which countries will be among these countries in the future.

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