KaiOS and Mozilla Partner to Offer Users a Better Internet Experience

KaiOS Technologies manufacturer KaiOS Technologies and Firefox manufacturer Mozilla signed a new partnership. The partnership aims to provide users with a better internet experience.

The manufacturer of the operating system kaios kaios Technologies, and we all know, the world's most widely used web browser Firefox maker Mozilla , today was the scene of a major union. KaiOS Technologies and Mozilla have partnered to develop the Gecko engine in KaiOS .

The partnership of the duo has set out to develop a more diverse and open mobile internet usage for the users of the Gecko engine in KaiOS . With Kai's engineering experience and Mozilla's support for software, future versions of Gecko will be available on KaiOS powered devices and their web-based resources.

New partnership from KaiOS Technologies and Mozilla:

Gecko powers the Mozilla Firefox browser and can be described as the main component of KaiOS's web-based experience. The new partnership between KaiOS Technologies and Mozilla will set off to improve the security and performance of devices that support KaiOS .

The new partnership will increase the safety and performance of devices, as well as offer new developer kits to developers. These kits will include better PWA (Progressive Web App) and WebAssembly support. All changes and improvements will be published openly under Mozilla's Public License.

Among the new innovations that will emerge as a result of the partnership, the developers will receive the support and improvements listed below:

  • Optimized operating system performance for applications, websites and services

  • Advanced device APIs and compatibility

  • Improved internet security and connection speed through TSL 1.3

  • Hardware optimized technologies:

  • WebAssembly for more optimized web applications

  • WebGL 2.0 for more advanced graphics and 3D games

  • WebP and AV1 for new video and video codecs

  • Modern internet language support:

  • Enhanced CSS for better web experience

  • Asynchronous JavaScript for application quick solutions

  • Improved device stability and easy certification for OEMs and mobile operators

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