KIA Will Offer Extra Fast 800V Charging Support in Future Electric Vehicles

Many of the world's leading automotive companies build their future on electric cars. One of them is KIA. The South Korean brand has announced that future electric car models will have an extra fast 800V charging capacity.

The automotive world has been going through a major transformation in recent years. The electrification that Tesla set fire on is now at the center of well-established and traditional brands such as BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota and Mercedes. While the competition in this field is becoming more and more difficult every year, the number of electric vehicles worldwide is projected to reach 1 billion 100 million by 2050 .

South Korean automaker KIA , operating under the umbrella of Hyundai, is getting ready to come up with fully electric vehicles in the coming years. The brand, which already has many environmentally friendly hybrid models in its product range , announced that its future electric vehicles will have a 800V charging capacity .

KIA plans to release 11 different electric car models worldwide by 2025

Normally battery of this size, Porsche Taycan and being Audi's approach e-tron is the choice in top-end models such as the GT, but KIA, of electric cars in order to budget-friendly models provide more widely, adoption, aims to gain extra speed 800V charging capacity.

Although electric cars have many advantages for both nature and the driver, in some ways they are lagging behind conventional combustion vehicles. For example, range and battery charge time. While the tank of a gasoline vehicle can be filled in a very short time, it takes quite a while for the batteries in electric vehicles to reach 100 percent.

KIA will offer approximately 310 kilometers driving range with 20-minute filling

KIA's new fast charging system will offer a driving range of approximately

310 kilometers with a 20-minute charge . Of course, this is still much slower compared to the filling speed of a gas pump, but we can clearly say that there is significant progress.

The South Korean manufacturer, which will launch the compact SUV model

KIA Imagine , which it introduced for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show held last March, plans to release 11 different electric car models worldwide by 2025 .


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