Last minute coronavirus decision from Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the 22 April constitutional referendum will be postponed and employees will be considered on administrative leave next week due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in the country. 

Putin, televisionin his speech from the public-address channel Covid-19 measures announced by the country concerned.

Stating that the referendum on April 22 regarding the constitutional amendments to change the political system of Russia will be amended within the framework of the Covid-19 measures, Putin said, "I think the voting for the constitutional amendment should be postponed until a later date. Based on the opinions, the advice of doctors and experts, we will decide on a new voting day. "said.

Putin also declared that all employees in Russia will be considered administrative leave until the end of next week, provided that this weekend begins, "Now it is very important to prevent the threat of the disease from spreading rapidly. Therefore, I declare that employees will be considered on administrative leave next week, provided that salaries are not cut. By adding the weekend, leave will be made between 28 March - 5 April. "used expressions.

Underlining that theRussian government and the Russian Central Bankshould take steps to sustainably develop in the fieldof economy, Putin said, "It should not be allowed to maintain stability and unemployment in the field of employment."he spoke.

"The families with children will be paid 5,000 rubles per child each month. Penalties on consumer and housing loans will be postponed for those whose income falls by more than 30 percent," Putin said, saying that various measures will be taken regarding the Russian economy, which is having a hard time due to the Covid-19 outbreak.said.

Explaining that the penalties for delayed tax payments of small and medium-sized enterprises will be postponed, Putin said, “Companies that are economically in a difficult situation will be given a 6-month moratorium in case of bankruptcy.In addition, if the payments made by companies as dividends are taken abroad, a 15 percent tax will be applied. "