Launch of iPhone 12 Could Be Delayed by Corona Virus, According to Analysts

According to the report of Bank of America analysts quoted by Bloomberg, the release of Apple's highly anticipated 5G-powered iPhone may be delayed due to the Corona virus outbreak. According to the analysts, there may be a delay of up to 1 month in launching the device this fall.

In the report released by Bank of America , it was written that the promotion of Apple's highly anticipated 5G iPhone may be delayed by 1 month as a result of the epidemic. The company met with supply chain expert Elliot Lan regarding the company's situation.

In addition to iPhone 12, there may be a delay in iPhone 9:

In addition to the 1-month delay on iPhone 12, Elliot Lan said he expects the launch of the new model, expected as the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9, will be delayed due to both supply issues and a weak demand environment from COVID-19.

According to Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan, the timing of launch for Apple's upcoming models will depend on how production has increased in April and May , rather than the Corona virus, which today has influenced the world . Earlier this week, iPhone maker Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. said it expects Chinese plants to operate normally by the end of March.

Apple shares are falling back:

Apple shares fell to 4% on Friday, showing 11.09 in New York. Thus, according to the data of S&P 500, Apple share prices have decreased by 13% since its closing on February 12, in line with the decrease in this period .

Apple's second quarter results are expected to be announced by the end of next month. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, the consensus on earnings fell 9.6% last month, while the revenue outlook fell 5.5% in the same period. On Friday, UBS wrote that Apple had an increased risk of low demand in the near term, and the impact is likely to expand beyond China .

With analysts' comments and reports on the subject , we will see together how the Corona virus will affect the future and how technology companies, especially Apple , will act.

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