League of Legends' Favorite Game Mode Returns

One of All, the missed game mode of League of Legends, the meeting point of millions of players, returns with the new update. The game mode is currently playable on test servers and will be available on the main server with the next update.

League of Legends has been played by millions of players since its debut in 2009 and is still playing . Of course, the game that made its mark on the MOBA genre and sitting on this type of board was of course able to access so many players by constantly adding new content and communicating with its players.

Every new game mode that comes to League of Legends periodically allows even players who have left the game to return to the game. However, players who are tired of the classic game mode can breathe in the new game modes and return to the classic games whenever they want.

One for All game mode returns:

To date, the favorite of all the game modes Riot Games has brought to League of Legends was, of course, the One for All game mode. Finally, the game mode, which appeared in April 2018 as a joke, is getting ready to meet the players again.

Riot Games gave players this surprise in the patch notes of the new 1.06 patch that came to the Open Beta Environment (PBE) . In this way, the One for All game mode, which has been brought up by the players for two years and said to be seen again, has met the players again.

What is the One for All game mode?

In One for All game mode, where League of Legends players will meet again, players compete to win the game as usual. Unlike the classic game, however, players do not normally choose champions. Instead, a different path is followed.

However, the champion who won the most votes in the continuation of the champion selection is played by all the players in the team of 5 . So everyone on the team has to play the same champion . Thus, in case the opposing team chooses different champions, the maximum amount of champions in the match is 2.

With the release of the 10.6 update to League of Legends , you can play the next game mode on test servers as of now. The update that will bring the popular game mode back to the game will be released on March 18 . With the update, some champions will be changed.


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