Legend of PlayStation 2 That A Generation Grows Together About To Be 20 Years

PlayStation 2, Sony's best-selling game console of all time, is about to turn 20 years old. So what was it that sold this console so much and made it so popular? Let's take a look at what PlayStation 2 has accomplished.

PlayStation 2 , which makes a generation become a real player, is getting ready to turn 20 this year . This revolutionary game console from Sony first went on sale in Japan on March 4, 2020. Spreading all over the world, PS2 came to Europe on November 24, 2000 .

PlayStation 2 debuted to support original PlayStation games. This device, which is also home to a DVD player , has taken its place in many houses around the world. So how has the PlayStation 2 achieved success since its release? Let's recall the PlayStation 2, which is about to turn 20 years old.

The legend of all time: PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2, announced by Sony in 1999 , has reached 155 million buyers since its launch . Thus, this game console held the title of being the world's best-selling game console, and still has not left this title to anyone. So much so that Sony did not achieve this success even with the new generation game consoles.

We can say that the users who bought PlayStation 2 did not have any shortage of games. Because more than 3,800 different games have been released for this platform . The sales figure of these games also set a separate record. More than 1.5 billion of PlayStation 2 games have been sold.

Sony, which wanted to continue its success, also released revised models of the game console. These models, which were launched in 2004 , were called ' Slimline '. PlayStation 2 has maintained its overall success for many years and has managed to become popular.

Sony did not compromise on PS2 popularity even when the next generation game console launched the PlayStation 3 . Production of the legendary game console continued until 2013 . However, Sony finally decided to stop the sale of the game console, which it produced for 13 years .

For PlayStation 2 did not stop to stop production until the end of 2013, but new games platform still to come was continuing . These games included Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin , FIFA 13 and PES 2014 . The technical service of PlayStation 2 ended in Japan only on September 7, 2018 .

It hosted platform-specific productions of games such as PlayStation 2, Grand Theft Auto , Final Fantasy , Metal Gear Solid . However, Devil May Cry , God of War , Kingdom Hearts, and GTA: San Andreas have also been the starting point for still popular productions.

Although we have a lot to tell about PlayStation 2, we are curious about your opinions. Especially if our  followers, who had the opportunity to access this legendary console in time, gathered in the comments section and told about their beautiful memories about the console, we would be very happy.

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