Lexus Wins 'Best Car Manufacturer' Award for the 4th Time in a Row

Lexus, one of the most popular luxury car manufacturers today, won the 'Best Car Manufacturer' award in the Auto Power's Driver Power survey. This year, the company was deemed worthy of this award for the fourth consecutive year.

Cars are the transportation vehicles that make people's lives much easier from the past to the present. When the target audience of the sector is quite wide, we can see cars that appeal to every taste today.

So which automaker keeps everything at the highest level in every sense and is most successful in satisfying its users ? The answer to this question, which we always ask, was given by the Driver Power survey organized by Auto Express . The result of the survey was created by the answers of people who used the tools of the manufacturers they voted for.

Lexus came first in a row for the fourth time in a row:

The name at the peak of the Driver Power survey organized this year by Auto Express, as every year, has not changed as it has been for the last 3 years. Lexus , one of the most beloved names in the automotive industry , won the "Best Car Manufacturer" award in the Driver Power survey this year and won the award for 4 consecutive years.

Lexus not only received this award, but also collected awards with different models. The giant automaker won first place among the full hybrids with the RX SUV model; Awarded ' Best Compact Executive Car' with IS Sedan model and 'Best Premium Compact Family Car' with CT Hatchback model .

Lexus is the first in the survey in which 30 car manufacturers are rated by their users, and today, it is not only known for its success. The company continues to carry many more awards under its own name, such as 'The World's Most Smooth Car Brand' and 'Second Hand Best Brand' .

For the fourth time in the Driver Power poll organized by Auto Express, Kia was the first to follow Lexus on the second place in the list . Subaru ranked 3rd, Mazda ranked 4th, Skoda ranked 5th, Toyota ranked 6th, Honda ranked 7th, Peugeot ranked 8th, Alfa Romeo ranked 9th and Volvo ranked 10th.


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