LG Announces Velvet's All Color Options for its New Smartphone

South Korean technology giant LG will announce its new smartphone Velvet in May. The company has already revealed some of the features of this phone with the statements it has made so far. The announcements made today reveal Velvet's different color options.

South Korean technology giant LG is spoken with the new smartphone model, which it has recently called " Velvet ". Some information about the phone, which is planned to be announced in May, is announced by LG from time to time . The company has now announced all the color options of LG Velvet with the information it shared on the internet. According to the statements made by LG, Velvet will be in front of the consumers with multiple colors.

Velvet, LG's upcoming new smartphone model, has some remarkable design features. In this context, the company highlights a design called "3D Arc Design " in addition to the notch it uses . 3D Arc Design gives LG Velvet a curved look, while the overall design of this smartphone is ovalized from bottom to top. This ovalized design helps to better grip the phone.

Overall design of LG Velvet

LG Velvet will be in front of consumers with its 6.8 inch screen. This screen, called FullVision, offers consumers a 20.5: 9 aspect ratio. In addition, this smartphone has a technology called stereo speaker and "artificial intelligence sound". The stereo speaker carries the sound from the phone to the best possible quality, while the artificial intelligence sound prevents the ambient noise.

LG Velvet has a triple camera setup. The phone, which has a main camera of 48 MP , is equipped with 8 MP wide angle and 5 MP depth sensor. In this way, consumers will be able to shoot high quality photos and videos using LG Velvet .

Perhaps the most impressive feature of LG Velvet is that it offers special support for the video technique called ASMR and which has become a trend. So consumers will be able to shoot ASMR videos with this phone. During the use of this mode, both microphones of the phone will work with maximum sensitivity and consumers will be able to create unique ASMR videos using only their phones.

LG's upcoming new smartphone, Velvet, is powered by the Snapdragon 765G processor and also supports 5G connectivity. The phone, which has a battery with a capacity of 4,300 mAh, offers long-term use even when working with 5G connection with its low power algorithm . This phone also has accessory supports such as Dual Screen and Stylus Pen developed by LG, and consumers will be able to purchase these accessories independently from the phone.

LG's new phone has come out almost literally in terms of both company disclosures and leaks . However, there are still things that we do not know about Velvet, and LG's announcements in the launch event will clearly reveal all the details of this phone. Now the eyes are at the event that will be held in May .


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