LG Closes Two Plants in South Korea for Corona Virus

The effects of the Corona virus have started to feel more and more every minute. Corona virus, which caused the cancellation of many international events, now causes some factories to close. After Samsung, LG also decided to close its factory in South Korea due to the Corona virus.

Corona virus, which led to the cancellation of important events such as Mobile World Congress MWC 2020 , Game Developers Conference GDC 2020 , continues to increase its effects in the countries where it is seen. As it is known, today, Samsung decided to close its factory in Gumi, South Korea after an employee has seen Corona virus.

South Korean technology giant Samsung previously stopped production and carried out disinfection at the same factory. The decision of the company today means that the factory will not be able to produce for a while. Another South Korean technology company LG also has factories in the city where Samsung closes its factory . According to Reuters , LG will also follow Samsung's footsteps.

After Samsung, LG also closed Gumi factories:

LG's factory in Gumi was also closed after the employee saw Corona virus. Camera modules for iPhones were produced at the factory operating under the brand name of the company 'LG Innoteck' . According to the information received, some of the camera modules in the iPhone 11 series were manufactured in this factory.

Let us remind you that LG's shutdown decision will be valid for a short time . According to the information given by the company officials, disinfection works will be carried out in the factory today and tomorrow. It is stated that after these works, the factory will start its activities again.

Again, according to  a report from Reuters , LG closed the  LG Display factory in Gumi yesterday . This factory, which produces displays for smartphones, will remain closed until Tuesday.

If a solution for the Corona virus , which is increasing day by day in China and South Korea , cannot be produced, technology giants such as Samsung, Apple, LG, whose production facilities are located in these regions, may experience supply problems in their new products. If such a situation will happen, we will see all together in the coming days.

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