LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Quits After 11 Years

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner leaves his post, which he started in 2008, after 11 years. Ryan Roslansky, the company's senior vice president of current product, will sit in the CEO's chair from 1 June.

LinkedIn was seen as another business site when it started operating more than 10 years ago. Reid Hoffman , the founder of the site and the company, hired Weiner in 2008. Later in the year, Ryan Roslansky joined the company. 

The two led the growth of the firm. Considered as the largest business social media platform today , LinkedIn's earnings rose from $ 7.5 million to $ 78 million in the first year. The number of members of the platform increased from 33 million to 675 million

LinkedIn moved to Microsoft on 2016

LinkedIn was purchased for $ 26 billion by Microsoft after the IPO led by Weiner . This was seen as an indication of how successful Weiner was working as a CEO.

In his letter written and published on the site for LinkedIn employees , Weiner said, " Despite the size and effect of what they have achieved so far, we are still just getting started in many ways"

The former LinkedIn CEO mentioned in his letter about the satisfaction of doing the right jobs for the right company at the right time, and that it was his decision to leave his chair. According to the letter of the first people he hired to replace Weiner it is now Roslansky had been. 

Roslansky to account for Microsoft CEO

Roslansky previously served in leading and managerial positions in almost every area of ​​the company. Roslansky played an important role in creating the firm's influencer program and in publishing the platform and gathering consumers and companies on a single platform. 

Roslansky will account for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in his new post . The vacant product manager from Roslansky will be Tomer Cohen, who currently serves as the company's vice president of marketing solutions . Let's see if Roslansky will be able to achieve the successes she has achieved together with Weiner. We will see the effect of the new management on LinkedIn together. 


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