Maserati Stopped Production Due To Corona Virus

Due to the Corona virus epidemic, many automakers have announced that they have suspended production. Italian companies also stopped production one after another. The last link in the chain was Maserati, known for its luxury vehicles.

The Corona virus  outbreak has caused intense measures worldwide. In many countries, people are told not to go out unnecessarily. Manufacturers also stop working during this difficult period .

Italy , the country in which the epidemic is felt the most , is known for its companies producing luxury and fast cars. Lamborghini first announced that these companies stopped production, followed by Ferrari . Finally, Maserati stopped production.

The outbreak affected Italy heavily:

Italy is one of the most difficult countries due to the epidemic . More than 21,000 cases have been observed in the country to date, and 1,441 people have died due to the virus. Fiat Chrysler Automotive  (FCA) has stopped production in the country where life has stopped.

FCA Italy and Maserati announced that they stopped production until March 27. This situation affected the Melfi, Pomigliano, Cassino, Mirafiori Carrozzerie, Grugliasco and Modena facilities in Italy . Also in Serbia, Kragujevac and in Poland stopped production at the plant in Tychy.

Maserati is not the only company affected:

FCA's  decision did not only affect Maserati. Although all models of the supercar manufacturer are affected by this decision, including the newly announced Maserati MC20 , there are many other cars under the FCA umbrella.

Among the companies affected by the decision are Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep and Lancia . Production of some models of these companies will also stop. In the statement made by the company, it was said that the temporary pause was done as a precaution against COVID-19 . The company announced that they will resume production when the market demand returns to normal.

FCA was also beginning to take various measures in the USA . The company, which started to make social distances within the factory , reshaped its activities, including breaks and cleaning processes. In addition, company officials announced that they started to check the health status of the employees and provide health training.

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