MediaTek Allegedly Cheated in Mobile Device Performance Tests

MediaTek is allegedly playing on paper during performance tests. MediaTek dismissed the claims in a statement, but it is not known what will happen in the coming days.

In performance tests, cheats are a case that comes to the agenda from time to time. It was recently revealed that Huawei was playing with the test results of many smartphones (increasing 3DMark scores by up to 47%), and the company apologized and ended it. Now it is claimed that MediaTek cheats in performance tests.

According to AnandTech's report, MediaTek has taken some action on the Helio P95 processor used on the OPPO Reno 3 Pro smartphone. The Helio P95 is almost identical to the previous model, the Helio P90, but the Helio P95 has a 10% increase in artificial intelligence performance and 64 MP camera support. Helio P95 is a mid-range processor with 2 high performance 2.2 GHz Cortex A75 cores and 6 2 GHz Cortex A55 efficiency cores.

Performance increase was achieved with a file:

However, it was revealed in AnandTech's tests that the Helio P95 looks better than PCMark performance. It was also revealed that MediaTek's new flagship Dimensity 1000 5G performed worse than Helio P95 .

Fraudulent results were revealed by paying particular attention to the Writing 2.0 and Web Browsing 2.0 scores. According to OPPO Reno 3 Pro tests, which were completed without any cheating, performance enhancements were found , which increased the PCMark score by 30% . When the processors are put into the performance test, the file "power_whitelist_cfg.xml" appears and this file improves the performance, but this performance increase does not really increase the performance; so the performance test is tricked.

The 'power_whitelist_cfg.xml' file , which shows performance increased, is not only on OPPO phones, but also on some phones of companies such as Xiaomi, Vivo and Sony using MediaTek processors . This suggests that there are no smartphone manufacturers behind the fraud; that is, MediaTek itself that added this file to the software. MediaTek representative said in a statement , “Many companies are designing the best performing devices in order to show the full capacity of the chipset while performing performance tests. This is the highest performance reveals chipset can be any '' he said.


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