MediaTek Announces Its New Processor 'Dimensity 1000+' That Offers 144 Hz Display Support

MediaTek announced its new processor Dimensity 1000+, which will be used on flagship phones, through an online event. The most impressive feature of Dimensity 1000 +, an advanced version of Dimensity 1000, is that it supports 144 Hz screens.

MediaTek , one of the important names in the smart phone industry , has been serving smart phone manufacturers for a very long time at hardware point. While the processors developed by the company power more input and mid-segment phones, MediaTek also wants to be present in the flagship segment. Now organizing a new event, MediaTek has announced Dimensity 1000+ , the advanced version of the Dimensity 1000 processor it has released a while ago .

MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ seems to be one of the important game founders of the industry with its advanced performance, 5G support and high refresh rate support. If you wish, let's take a closer look at the details of MediaTek's new high performance processor without further ado.

MediaTek's Dimensity 1000+ processor supports high refresh screens, which has become a standard in 2020 flagship phones . In this context, the MediaTek team, who does not exercise his hands cowardly, even supports 144 Hz display panels. This support means that consumers will have a flawless picture streaming experience.

MediaTek has developed Dimensity 1000 + by developing Dimensity 1000 in general terms . In this context, we can say that the new processor has a more optimized performance. MediaTek stated that the new processor has been optimized especially for 5G support and that more stable 5G connections can now be established. In addition, this processor can switch seamlessly between 5G and 4G, which promises a seamless communication experience to consumers.

MediaTek's Dimensity 1000+ processor also features enhanced for gaming and general use experience. The processor with " HyperEnging 2.0 " technology offers a much higher performance game experience for consumers, while MiraVision significantly improves the screen quality with its image quality engine.

Organized by MediaTek officials, the online event did not reveal all the features of Dimensity 1000+ , but it was able to excite tech lovers. In the statements made by the company, they stated that this processor will take place in a different phone on iQOO , which will be released soon, and that other details of Dimensity 1000+ will appear with the announcement of this phone.

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