Meizu Announces Exciting Features of Meizu 17, which will be introduced soon

After 12 days, Meizu 17 will be officially introduced. Meizu is revealing new information about the device every day. In the new statements, it was stated that Meizu 17 will have 30 W fast charging support.

Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro will be introduced in China after 12 days. The Chinese firm reveals some of the basic features of phones every day before launch. The information we can say about the phone yesterday and today was published by Meizu. The appearance of the phone named Meizu M081Q in the 3C certificate proved that Meizu 17 will come with 30 W fast charging support. The new statement from the company also revealed that Meizu 17 will come with a 30 W Super mCharger. It also turned out that the phone will have a huge 4,500 mAh battery, which will offer a long period of use

According to rumors, the series will also host a higher-end phone called Meizu 17 Pro . The device, which is said to have the M091Q model number, may come with a 40 W fast charger, which is even faster than the Meizu 17. However, the company has not yet made a statement about the Pro model.

Screen refresh rate support up to 90 Hz will be available:

Returning to Meizu 17, one of the company's features is that its phone supports 90 Hz screen refresh rate. Considering that the company has not exceeded 60 Hz in this regard before, we can say that this is the highest level reached for Meizu. There is also a hole on the screen, which is thought to be the slot of the front camera. It is thought that the Pro model was designed similarly but curved towards the edges .

The announcements are not limited to these, the company announced last week that the processor that powered Meizu 17 would be the Snapdragon 865. Apart from that, it is not wrong to say that one of the remarkable features is UFS 3.1 storage. This new device is expected to be available in at least 2 colors in gray and white. Although there is no explanation about the price, there are rumors that the device will go on sale for $ 594

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