Mercedes 'Fantastic Design Concept Car' Vision AVTR Driving Video

Mercedes' new concept car 'Vision AVTR', CES 2020 marked the events. The company launched its new concept, which was launched from science fiction films, without doors and steering wheels, to the streets of Las Vegas.

The CES 2020 events, which started in Las Vegas, USA yesterday, enabled us to meet new technologies. Technology manufacturers from all over the world took the stage one after the other and introduced the latest technologies to consumers. One of the companies participating in the CES 2020 events was the German-based car giant Mercedes .

Mercedes, CES 2020 in the context of the event with a very special concept vehicle presented to consumers. This vehicle, called " Vision AVTR ", seems to have come out of science fiction movies, and it impresses with its impressive features and design. After Mercedes, we have shared with you what features this vehicle has .

Mercedes' new concept car, consumers will not be available . As a matter of fact, it is not possible to launch this vehicle, which does not even have doors, for the time being. However, the new development reveals how the Mercedes Vision AVTR will move on the roads if it is launched. Because Mercedes, after the introduction of the car made a small Las Vegas tour. 

The arrival of Mercedes Vision AVTR attracted the attention of the guests attending CES 2020 events . Some people felt fortunate to have witnessed this historic event, while others clung to their smartphone to immortalize Mercedes Vision AVTR on the road . In this case, the videos taken and shared on the internet, sat on the agenda of social media at a time.

The video , which we will share with you soon , shows how the Mercedes Vision AVTR would look from its surroundings if it were to go around a public street. The driving video also shows how the Mercedes Vision AVTR can be controlled using a steering wheel control and a touch control located in the center console . Let us now leave you with the driving video of Mercedes Vision AVTR.

Mercedes Vision AVTR driving video

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