Microsoft Cancels 'MVP' From Its Prestigious Events Due To Corona Virus

Microsoft has announced that it has canceled its Most Valuable Professional (MVP) summit to be held between 15-20 March due to the Corona virus outbreak. In the statements made, it was stated that the decision was a measure against Corona virus cases in Seattle, the city where the event will be held.

The Corona virus epidemic, which emerged in Wuhan, China and spread to dozens of countries , continues to affect life worldwide. The Corona virus, which has 90,936 cases confirmed to date, has cost the lives of 3,117 people. The events that occur directly affect the normal flow of life.

One of the countries hit by the Corona virus is the United States. While it was announced that there are 105 approved cases across the country, 7 of them managed to get rid of the virus. The USA lost 6 citizens due to Corona virus. As such, the United States is currently working to prevent further spread of the virus.

One of the companies affected by the Corona virus cases that started to appear in the USA was Microsoft . The company would organize the Most Valuable Professional event on March 15-20, under normal circumstances. However, Microsoft's statements stated that the event, which is planned to be held in Seattle, Washington, USA, has been canceled.

In the statements made by the Ministry of Health, it was reported that there were 18 cases in Seattle and 6 of these cases died. These statements and the possibility of the outbreak spread throughout the city immediately prompted Microsoft officials. Meetings resulted in the cancellation of a prestigious event for Microsoft .

Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional Summit is not the only event affected by the Corona virus. Some events, such as the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Geneva Motor Show, and Facebook's F8 Congress, were also canceled due to the Corona virus outbreak. Statements by Microsoft lead to questioning of other events to be held in 2020.

As the fight against the Corona virus continues, the cancellation of important activities that appeal to millions of consumers also hurt people. Because sometimes technology and sometimes car enthusiasts are eager to come to these big fairs. However, the events that took place in 2020 lead to the cancellation of fairs and organizations and the expectations of the consumers are unfortunately lost.

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