Microsoft Edge 2020 Update

Microsoft connects to Edge new tab web applications. Users can easily connect to Microsoft 365 web applications and services such as Outlook and OneDrive from the new page.

Google has long been connecting to apps and services on the Chrome New Tab Page (NTP). Microsoft started implementing the same feature in the latest version of Edge Canary for Insiders.

The shortcut links noticed by Florian B connect to Microsoft 365 web apps and services, such as Outlook and OneDrive.

This feature does not seem to be available to those who do not yet have Insider, but it does not seem to take long to become available to each user after a short test.

Microsoft Edge 83 released

Microsoft has released the new update for the stable version of the Chromium-based Edge browser. The new version, released as Microsoft Edge 83, aims to improve the user experience in general. The new 83.0.478.37 version of Microsoft Edge comes with new features such as Extension synchronization between devices, smart screen enhancements for Microsoft Defender, turning off certain cookies.

Browser updates that will be offered gradually with Microsoft Edge 83 will reach users in a few days. This innovation will also protect users from possible errors that come with the update. Users will continue to receive automatic updates without interruption in the future. Users who do not receive automatic updates in Edge browser will not be affected by this change.

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