Microsoft Edge Receives 100 Percent Accessibility Score in HTML5

Microsoft's new browser, Edge, has achieved significant success in the HTML5 Accessibility Test with 100 percent compliance. In a statement from Edge's developer team's Twitter account, it was announced that accessibility applications continue to be improved.

Microsoft's new internet browser Edge of the HTML5 features, which can be accessed as that used in the scanner was able to pass that test with 100 percent success in HTML5 compliance test Accessibility Test.

The HTML5 Accessibility test checks how well the browser uses accessibility technologies to enable people with disabilities to use the browser . An accessible feature means that the developer does not have to supplement with ARIA or other workarounds, and can be used comfortably by those who rely on assistive technology.

HTML5 accessibility scores of different internet browsers

Microsoft's team that developed Edge congratulated Edge's success on its Edge Dev Twitter account . Edge developers have announced that they are trying to improve Edge's accessibility support by working on Interface Automation and more accessible controls .

Looking at the image with the results of the HTML5 Accessibility Test shared by Edge's developer team on Twitter, one detail will draw attention. In the test, version 80 of Edge was used, while older versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari were used.

In a statement on this issue, Microsoft said the HTML5 Accessibility team was responsible for updating the browsers, not their purpose to demonstrate improvements to Edge after accessing Chromium, but to show their status to their competitors .

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