Microsoft Releases a New Office Insider Update for macOS

Microsoft has released a new update for its users who signed up for the Office Insider Express program on their Mac computers. While the update did not come with any improvements, several bug fixes were made.

Technology giant Microsoft recently released a new update for Office users who signed up for the Office Insider program on the macOS operating system . The program, which allows you to test new features before coming to Microsoft Office applications, has made some bug fixes in the Outlook application with the latest update .

Users using the macOS operating system and enrolling in the Office Insider program received bug fixes with the latest update, but did not receive any improvements based on the release notes . The update focused exclusively on fixing errors in the Outlook app .

What's new with the new Office Insider update:

The update version 16.38 (20042808) to Office Insider has been released for users enrolling in the ' Mac Express ' program. In other words, users who signed up for the 'Mac Slow' program of Insider have not yet received the fixes that came with the new update. Of course, this is due to the difference between the two programs. The release notes and bug fixes released with the new update are as follows:

  • Outlook 

  • Calendar: Added support for author events with zero duration

  • Message List: Search or navigation for the first letter in the new message list is now supported

  • Calendar: Fixed wrong preview date in serial meeting invitations

  • Calendar: when a meeting is sent to a room, the room will now be added immediately

  • New features

  • No feature to highlight

  • Known issues

  • No known problems

How to join Office Insider for Mac?

The Office Insider program for Mac can be used in two different ways: Insider Fast and Insider Slow . Users enrolled in the Insider Quick program can use their first assemblies to identify problems and provide their opinions on features that are still under development.

Users in the Insider Slow program cater to users who want to give their views early to get fully supported assemblies with minimal risk and to help improve Office. After choosing the program that suits you, you can follow the steps below :

Open any application and follow Help> Check for Updates> Advanced .

Select Insider Fast or Insider Slow in the Update Channel menu. After this step, you will be included in the program you selected .

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