Microsoft Releases New Security Update for Windows 10

Microsoft, the name behind Windows operating systems, has released its new update for Windows 10. April's Tuesday update focuses on vulnerabilities like last month.

Microsoft, the name behind Windows, one of the most used operating systems in the world, released the April 2020 version of the Tuesday update it released for operating systems on the second Tuesday of every month . The company, which closed 115 security holes in the last month's update and released the largest Tuesday update in history, focused on security vulnerabilities in this update .

Before going into the details of the update , let's mention that Windows 10 versions 1909 and 1903 received the same update as usual . After this reminder, we can go into the details of updates for Windows 10 with build numbers 18363.778 and 18362.778.

What does the new update of Windows 10 offer?

Effective downloaded automatically update your working hours, except in 1903 for 18362,778 version and the 1909 version for 18363,778 comes with build number. As with every Tuesday update, the new update includes security improvements for Windows FLP, Windows Update Stack, Windows Application Platform, Windows Media, Windows Management, Windows Virtualization, Windows Storage and File Systems, and Windows Kernel .

The notable fixes of the new update are as follows:
  • Updates that will increase security when using Microsoft Office products.

  • Updates for Windows will improve security while basic operations are taking place.

  • Updates to store and manage files.

How to download the new update of Windows 10?

If you have enabled 'Active Hours' on your Windows 10 operating system , updates will be downloaded automatically to your computer outside these hours. At this point, if Active Hours is disabled, updates can be downloaded automatically and your work may be lost as the computer restarts. You can still follow these steps to manually check for updates and change Active Hours:

  • Open the start menu.

  • Type 'Settings' in the search section .

  • In the window that opens, click on the 'Update and Security' tab.

  • Updates will be downloaded automatically after checking .

  • To change Active Hours, click on 'Change Active Hours' and set the hours you want.

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