Microsoft Releases New Update for Bug Fixes in Windows 10

Taking action to address some issues in Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the new update to users. Automatic unsent update can be installed on demand.

Problems in Windows 10 updates released by Microsoft continue. The update, released last week, caused serious problems in the operating system. However, Microsoft has released updates for bug fixes.

Users who installed the update last week; He complained of quite serious problems like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi malfunctions , network connection issues. There were also many users who faced the blue screen error. As such, Microsoft tried to respond to the complaints and implemented some updates.

Windows 10 received new updates

The new update released for Windows 10 includes 18362.815 (v1903) and 18363.815 (v1909) versions. The update offers many bug fixes and no new features. The update is available on demand. Therefore, it is not possible to see the update unless it is checked in the Settings application.

Coming to what the update covers; Turn off notifications for devices using virtual private network (VPN) on a network , preventing a Microsoft Xbox game from continuing on a Windows device after upgrading from a previous version of Windows, unexpected notifications when changing default application settings, as well as checking for updates while checking for updates. Some problems are addressed, such as no response.

Some bugs in Windows 10 have been resolved by updating

Of course, the scope of the update is not limited to these. The login screen is blurry, Bluetooth group policy settings on Surface Pro X devices , access to Windows Trusted Platform Module (TPM), systems stop working with the 0x3B stop code when running a binary file signed by a revoked certificate, and not printing content outside the margins of the document. Problems such as were also fixed.

The update in question can be downloaded after clicking ' Check for Updates ' in the 'Settings' section .

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