Microsoft Shared How Applications Will Look On Surface Duo

Introducing the new foldable device Surface Duo in the past months, Microsoft shared how apps will look on this device today. The company has shown that the device will support apps in any screen mode.

In recent months, Microsoft announced a device that no one had expected at an event in New York. The company has also announced that it will re-enter the smartphone industry by announcing its new foldable phone Surface Duo . But that day we have not been able to get an official statement about the features of the Surface Duo today.

Surface Duo, which is expected to be Microsoft's first Android device at the same time, will be much more than a phone, according to the company. But since the device hosts two different screens, many people had the question of ' how applications will work ' in their minds . Here is a share from Microsoft that illuminates this issue.

Applications on the Microsoft Surface Duo will look like this:

More details were shared today about the Microsoft Surface Duo, which should be introduced later this year. The company also showed how the applications will be organized to give developers tips . In this context, Microsoft has prepared an article explaining the display modes for developers.

According to this post and the image above, the Surface Duo can be used with either single screen or dual screen when in both landscape and portrait mode . So no matter how you use the Surface Duo, the apps in it have to be ready for any possibility.

Microsoft Surface Duo wasn't the only two-screen device the company introduced. Microsoft also introduced a two-screen laptop called Surface Neo . While the operating system of Microsoft Surface Duo is Android based , the operating system of Surface Neo will be Windows 10X .

According to many sources, the development of Microsoft Surface Neo is now complete, that is, the device may be released soon. However, Microsoft said in a statement that it would release both Surface Neo and Surface Duo in the same period . There is no clear information about when the devices will come out, whether the coronavirus epidemic also affects these devices is not clear yet.

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