Modified Toyota Hilux that looks good enough to enter the nightmares of Ford Ranger

Japanese modification company Wald International has made an interesting modification that will make Toyota Hilux the fearful dream of its most important rival, the Ford Ranger Raptor.

Toyota's pickup model Hilux has a well-deserved reputation all over the world for its durability . Toyota Hilux, which continues to work in BBC's famous car program Top Gear even though a huge building is destroyed, has been developed and produced by Toyota for a long time.

It is claimed that Toyota plans to make Hilux more aggressive like Ford Ranger Raptor . However, such a Hilux design has not yet emerged. However, Toyota's modification company Wald International, which operates in Japan, has made these plans a reality.

Toyota Hilux , modified by Wald International, was named Toyota Hilux Black Bison Edition . Modified under the name Black Bison Edition, Hilux has almost the entire body enlarged. The developers of Wald International have added wide fenders, a new front bumper and a highly aggressive hood to Hilux. Pickup has become approximately 5.50 cm wider than the original Hilux body with this body design. The spoilers placed on the upper part of the body of the vehicle and the rear tailgate are designed with LED lights. The standard exhaust of the vehicle was also replaced by a three-headed exhaust .

The wheels of the vehicle also got its share from the Toyota Hilux Black Bison Edition's body enlargement effort. Instead of the standard 20-inch wheels of the vehicle, 22-inch wheels were installed and the design was completed with off-road tires.

Wald International did not disclose any changes made to the engine part of the Toyota Hilux Black Bison Edition . This suggested that there was no upgrade to the vehicle's engine. Hiluxes in Japan have a 2.8-liter diesel engine that produces 174 horsepower and 331lb-ft of torque. Hiluxes in Europe have a 2.4-liter diesel engine. Whichever Hilux version is chosen, it can be seen that this engine power cannot overcome the Ranger Raptor's engine producing 210 horsepower.

Even though the engine is still behind the Ford Ranger Raptor, the Toyota Hilux Black Bison Edition may cause Ford to fall asleep with its vision. At the same time, Toyota can develop the design of the new Hilux based on the design of the Black Bison Edition .


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