Motorsport Games, NASCAR Heat 5

The first official game trailer of NASCAR Heat 5, the new game of the NASCAR Heat series, which has become the favorite of racing enthusiasts, has been released. Although the trailer was released as 'game video', it was mostly considered

'in-game video'.

Motorsport Games has released its first official game trailer from NASCAR Heat 5. While this trailer contains more game segments than Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, it can be a bit misleading.

The series mostly attract attention in the trailer. Therefore, the definition of "an in-game trailer" would be more accurate for this news. So it's hard to say that the shared trailer is a game video.

It is possible to see the graphics of the game in more detail in this in-game trailer. However, many players said the graphics did not affect them. Maybe the best level in the NASCAR series, but it doesn't look like graphics that are surprising to anyone. Some users have stated that the new version of NASCAR has met their expectations.

Developed by MotorSport Games, NASCAR Heat 5 will meet with players on July 10. The game will include all official teams, drivers, and vehicles of the three NASCAR National Series and the Xtreme Dirt Tour.

NASCAR Heat 5 has three modes: Career Mode, Fast Race Mode, and Test Session Mode. In addition, the game will have both an online and multiplayer option on a split-screen.

704 Games Company recently announced the new game of the NASCAR Heat series. The images give a hint that the new game will have a different feel.

The latest NASCAR Heat game is on the cover of race pilot Chase Elliott and includes a career mode that allows you to advance through the Xtreme Dirt, Gander Trucks, and Xfinity Series before reaching the NASCAR Cup Series. Game; It offers 34 officially licensed racetracks, esports support, a new track test mode that lets you learn the tracks, and more.


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