Mozilla Releases Firefox 74 Focus on Browser Security

Mozilla has released the new version of the Firefox browser to users for supported desktop platforms. Firefox 74 promises a safer experience with the change in TLS support.

Mozilla released Firefox 74 for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms . Although the new stable version of the browser is available for download on Mozilla servers, the changes made are not fully known because the patch notes have not been released yet.

Firefox 74 will be the first version to disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 after Mozilla's decision to upgrade to new TLS (Transport Layer Security) versions. So if you update to Firefox 74 and try to upload a website that still uses older TLS versions, you will get a "Failed to establish a secure connection" error.

Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and Apple announced two years ago that new TLS versions will be upgraded to make this process as smooth as possible for developers.

Firefox will now be updated more often

Along with Firefox 74, a significant change was made in the update calendar. With the new version, Mozilla reduced the update interval from 6 weeks to  4 weeks . Users will now receive new versions of Firefox, which include major updates more frequently.

Mozilla said that shorter update cycles will provide more flexibility to support priority changes . The four-week cycles will allow the developer to introduce new features to users faster.

According to the new update cycle, Firefox 75 is expected to be released on April 7 and Firefox 76 on May 5. You can download Firefox 74 for all supported desktop platforms here .

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