NASA Announces Starliner Recovering From Disappearance

US space agency NASA shared that the ground crew's intervention rescued Starliner during its crew-free Starliner tests in December. The Starliner was out of orbit during the test due to several errors.

NASA and Boeing continue to share details about the issue that occurred on the Starliner test flight last December . Both companies are continuing to investigate why this problem occurred and are on the look out for new ways to solve the problem.

NASA  shared three different problems that occurred during the incident in its blog post published today . Space agency, these three issues from both the direct intervention of the team in place that has evaded stated in the case that the spacecraft would be lost in the post.

Starliner would have been lost if the ground crew had not intervened:

Before moving on to the problems shared by NASA, it is useful to convey the problem that occurred in Starliner's non-crew test. The vehicle was launched to meet the International Space Station in orbit, but there was a problem and the meeting did not take place, even the vehicle  was out of orbit . The first problem identified by NASA and Boeing about this situation, which would be extremely risky if it was crewed, was about the task scheduler . The problem with this equipment caused Starliner's automatic navigation systems to malfunction.

The malfunctioning navigation system caused the thrusters to fire unnecessarily and consume fuel . Realizing the situation, ground crews took control of the spacecraft, orbiting it at a different point than planned. Thus, the vehicle was rescued and continued its flight

The second problem mentioned in the shared article occurred in the software section. This problem caused the Service Module in the capsule not to be taken into account in orbit and landing portions. Thus, a repulsive problem emerged again and the ground crew had to be engaged again.

NASA stated that these software problems could not be detected before the flight. The agency added that in both cases the ground crew saved the spacecraft from losing . 

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