NASA Releases First Images of Electric Plane X-57 Maxwell

NASA shared the first images of the all-electric X-57 Maxwell aircraft, which will be 500% more efficient than traditional aircraft while promising zero emissions and less noise pollution. The introduced aircraft will be the first manned X aircraft produced by NASA in 20 years and will help develop standards for all future electric aircraft.

NASA shared photos of the electric plane Maxwell X-57, which it has been working on for a while. The X-57 Maxwell started his flight life as a 4-seater light aircraft with 12 electric motors instead of standard engines.NASA announced that the aircraft has wings to increase efficiency by reducing friction in flight and is powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

The aircraft has been jointly developedfor many years by engineers, researchers, pilots, designers and many others at NASA.NASA said that when the plane is completed, it can be 500% more efficient than conventional planes in terms of cruise speed.In addition, the X-57 Maxwell looks very ideal in terms of noise pollution.

Productivity is very high:

Let's add that the experimental aircraft has wings with high aspect ratios, which are used to make the most efficient use of energy during flight. NASA said in a statement on the subject of "X-57 aircraft, using 12 small engines along the wings to increase the air flow. Electrical power is efficient and reliable. The electric motor can be placed anywhere on the plane to improve efficiency. Fuel and combustion no motor"he said In addition, the new aircraft will be used to set the standard for all future electric aircraft and to provide rules for licensing these aircraft when fully finished.

The X-57 gets its name from the famous physicist:

It was also said that NASA's new aircraft got its name from Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell, who pioneered the theory of electromagnetism.According to NASA,this fully electric technology that will make theflight cleaner, quieter and more sustainable

will lead many innovations.

Made of carbon fiber composite material to provide more flexibility, the X-57 Maxwellis described as an experimental aircraft.It is also part of the X series, like experimental United States aircraft testing new technologies and aerodynamic concepts.

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