New BMW X8 Hybrid

Bavaria's new SUV uses electricity for performance

BMW's most current and largest model is currently the X7, but there have been rumors about an even more luxurious X8 since the vehicle was launched in 2017. The relationship of the X7-X8 pair between the 7 Series Sedan and the returning 8 Series Coupe has not yet been confirmed by BMW.

However, claims about this model continue to come. BMWBlog has learned that the high-performance model of the X8 will receive plug-in hybrid support and its name will be the X8 M45e. The model is said to take the power unit from the 745e. The combination of the 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder (I6) engine and the electric motor will provide the X8 M45e with at least 398 hp (293 kW) of power and 600 Nm of torque.

In fact, we heard about the M Performance version of the X8 in November last year. On the other hand, registration applications made by BMW in March strengthened the claims of the X8 M on the road. The X8, which is said not to follow the traditional SUV formula, will carry coupe elements like other X models ending with a double step. By the way, the X8 M is said to have risen from a different platform than other models.

We can see the BMW X8, which has not been announced yet, as a concept this year. If the exhibition vehicle comes this year, we can assume that the road version will hit the road by the end of 2021 at the earliest. Many rumors circulating around are doing nothing but blur and confusing for the moment. Therefore, it is useful to be careful until you see the exhibition tool and test prototypes of the German brand.


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