New Map Add-On 'Colorado' Announced for American Truck Simulator

SCS Software, the developer of American Truck Simulator, announced in its blog post that the new map add-on will be Colorado.With the announcement, the scenes from the new plugin were shared with the players.

SCS Software, whichhas been producing simulation games for more than a decade, has made aname for itself with Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator productions.The company, which has achieved great success with both productions, continues to do its best to keep the games up to date.

SCS Software wanted to guess where the new map plugin will come to

American Truck Simulator by posting a video on the YouTube channel in the past weeks.The video contains easy tips for many users, but whether those predictions are correct or not is clear today.

The new map add-on to American Truck Simulator will be Colorado:

The Czech Republic-based developer company hasconfirmed that thenew map add-on to American Truck Simulator willinclude the state of Colorado in the USA. In its post, published on its official blog, the company also featured images depicting the state of Colorado from the eyes of American Truck Simulator.

Colorado, the new map add-on to be added to American Truck Simulator, will bring simulation lovers huge mountains, various natural areas and many industries. In addition, the game will come with 10 thousand kilometers of new routes to discover, which players can enjoy .

While giving details about Colorado, SCS Software stated that the new plugin was developed simultaneously with another map plugin, Idaho. In addition, the developer company said that Euro Truck Simulator 2 enthusiasts will be

introduced to many projects soon, and that the Colorado and Idaho plugins will be on sale in a few months.

Despite all these explanations, SCS Software has put a reminder that may upset the players at the end of the blog post.The company also noted that although the extra time it took for its new plug-ins could affect this process, the disaster we were in.

You can addthe Colorado map plugin,which will come to American Truck Simulator in a few months,by clicking this link and add it to your wish list on Steam.However,you can access the Steam page of the Idaho plugin developed simultaneously here.


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