New Render Images of Electric Fisker Ocean SUV Revealed

Images of the new SUV of the US automaker Fisker, which will be launched, have appeared. The range of the electric vehicle is said to start from around 400 kilometers. It is stated that the appearance of the new Ocean SUV is quite exciting.

US automaker Fisker continues to manufacture with the goal of producing affordable electric vehicles with impressive range and performance. Fisker's latest product will be

a fully electric off-road vehicle named Ocean . The new Ocean SUV is expected to meet the wishes of SUV customers with a significant market share in the automobile industry. The rendered images of Ocean are also very exciting. At Fisker, it aims to diversify its customer base by entering the off-road vehicles market with the new Ocean .

Today's SUVs are more closely related to sedans or minivans than van-based SUVs. SUVs provide drivers with both a similar experience of driving and more space and opportunities, using a solid structure and other car-like features. Although there are SUVs with off-road features, especially the Jeep Wrangler or certain Toyota 4Runners , most vehicles with this model are used for road driving. The exceptions are snowy or gravel roads.

Ocean's look thrills

All this brings us to the images of the new Ocean SUV. In these exciting renderings we see that an upturned SUV has big and heavy tires . Port trunk and LED headlights

add a different beauty to the look of the new Ocean SUV. Of course, these are not indispensable things.

However, since range and efficiency are everything in the electric vehicle world, it can be thought that the downlights, which reduce aerodynamics with thick and heavy tires, will have a serious impact on the range of the Ocean. Although Fisker claims that Ocean's range will start at 250 miles (about 400 kilometers), it will go up to 300 miles (around 480 kilometers) on certain models , but this has not yet been confirmed.

The torque electric SUV looks great for demanding off-road driving , so it can be great to see this SUV on the road. It is certain that the off-road view of Ocean will also expand Fisker's customer base.


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