New Technology World and Developments 2020

New technology developing day by day and its effects on the world. It attracted everyone's attention. In this article, let's take a look at what changes in emerging technology in the world.

Meet the 2020 Technology Trends.

The basics of 5G technology in early 2020 is an important ground technology in our list. Let's take a brief look at 5G Technology.

5G Technology is the 5th Generation Telecommunication Service. It is a new generation of Wireless Phone technology. It uses different frequencies for faster communication. Today, there are many new models on smartphones.

Artificial intelligence

Although artificial intelligence technology used in smart phones in recent years has not entered our lives for now, we would like to point out that it will play an important role in our lives in a few years. For now, let's list the general usage areas briefly.

  • Computer

  • SmartPhones

  • Cars

You must have heard a lot of news about artificial intelligence technology. That it would bring the end of the world. These rumors can be false and true. Time will show us the answer to this question.

What is artificial intelligence?

Wifi 6

Another 2020 developing technology is WIFI 6 Technology. Our internet providers (MODEM), available in every point of our lives, work slowly with occasional connections and this is a technology that has been left behind for the 21st century. Apparently, manufacturer and developer scientists solved this problem with WIFI 6 Technology. You can get 3 times the speed in your office and home.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants, which are developed more and more every day, provide great convenience to the office environment and computer users. Approximately one virtual assistant is designed for each operating system.

You can do general computer operations to your virtual assistants (Computer automatic shutdown, Language change, data scanning, Code scanning)

Extended Reality (XR)

The expanded reality that emerges with the combination of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality will show itself in 2020.

Autonomous vehicles

It should be noted that vehicles without a driver appeared gradually, but they are still in the testing phase. By 2020 these tests are expected to be completed and the latest versions of vehicles will be released. Let's mention that brands such as Apple, BMW, Tesla, Ford, General Motor, Google and Samsung are working on this issue.

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