New Windows 10 Update Reported to Cause Installation Issues

Microsoft's latest update, Windows 10 KB4535996, has been reported to cause installation problems for some users and as a result users were unable to install the update. Microsoft has not yet made an official statement about the situation, which is understood by users' comments and feedback.

Although Windows 10 KB4535996 update is an optional update, it is known that many users want to install each new update on their computer. Accordingly , it is one of the most important factors that the update came with fixes for commonly reported problems , especially those that include errors in the Windows Search section .

Error appeared on incoming comments

We can say that the update turned out to be incorrect after some users made negative comments on various media about the Windows 10 KB4535996 update coming with troubles that caused installation problems . According to the comments made, the update gives general error messages like 0x800f0922 and 0x80070003, and these codes cause the update to not be installed on computers.

" Windows lists this as an Optional Update " written by a user ; When I click Download and Install here, it is downloaded without any problems between 0% and 100%. Then when I start the installation part it takes a while to reach 100%, it asks me to select the Restart option. After doing this, the computer starts updating on a blue screen. The stick comes up to 6% and then the device restarts. Then comes a screen that shows that it was unable to complete the updates. It does not give any reason to undo the changes and fix the problem. ”The number of other users who have experienced the same things is reported to increase rapidly.

For users who haven't installed the update yet, they are advised not to continue unless Microsoft fixes the installation problem and download the optional update for now. Let's also add that those facing this issue can remove the Windows 10 KB4535996 update by following the steps below .

How to uninstall the update?

  1. Press Windows + I to open the Settings app

  2. Click on "Update and security".

  3. Open the "Update and security" screen.

  4. Switch to the "Windows Update" tab.

  5. Click on "View update history".

  6. Click the "Uninstall updates" link.

Removing the update seems to be the only solution for now, as Microsoft has not yet confirmed the problem and made any comments . We will continue to convey relevant news to you.

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