New Zealand Earthquake Panic (Jacinda Ardern)

An earthquake occurred during a Television Program on which New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was on air.

President Jacinda Ardern set an example for the World in a cold-blooded response. For news and more world news, please follow our World News Category.

While answering questions about Covid-19 during the live broadcast, a 5.8 earthquake occurred. Jacinda Ardern, who noticed the earthquake during his speech, was greeted with a very cold and calm reaction, which is congratulated all over the world and has an important place in social media.

Located in the parliament building in Wellington, capital of New Zealand, Ardern managed to remain calm despite 5.8 strong shocks. The server said, “We are experiencing a small earthquake here. "You can see things moving behind me."

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern heard an earthquake during the earthquake.

Despite the tremendous shaking of her position, Ardern, who retained her smile and calm, continued her speech after the tremor despite Server Bridge's offer to end the interview.

It was learned that the epicenter of the earthquake, which lasted about 15 seconds, was the town of Levin, 30 kilometers northwest of the capital Wellington. There was no loss of life and property that occurred 37 kilometers below the earthquake.

New Zealand, which has recently reduced quarantine measures due to coronavirus, is one of the most successful countries to combat the epidemic. In the country where the total number of cases is 1,504 and the number of dead is 21, 1,456 people have managed to get rid of the disease so far.

Here is the moment of Earthquake and a calm reaction.


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