Ninja Banned In Apex Legends

The popular publisher Ninja found out that he was banned from the game when he tried to enter a match in Apex Legends last day. The publisher had no idea why he was banned.

Former Twitch publisher Ninja has been trying to offer diversity to viewers by playing more games outside of Fortnite since Microsoft switched to the broadcasting platform Mixer. While he often plays Fortnite in his broadcasts, he also meets audiences with games like Dead by Daylight.

While the Ninja finally tried to give Apex Legends another chance on his December 15th broadcast  , the game he only played in his early days didn't allow it. The Ninja found out that he was banned from the game while he was leaving Dead by Daylight and trying to enter a match in Apex Legends with Reverse2k. The publisher tried to enter the game twice but did not succeed.

The Ninja was confused by the warning on the screen and had no idea why he was banned from the game. Considering he didn't play Apex Legends much, it wasn't a huge loss, but it was disappointing for the broadcaster to spend time downloading a major update before playing .

Even more interesting, Ninja presented Apex Legends with his own hands at the Game Awards for Best Multiplayer. In addition, the launch of the battle royale game that promotes one of the publishers Ninja, in this sense, was shot in the back with this event.

Of course, this was due to errors, but the cause has not yet been explained. Ninja contacted Respawn after the situation and solved the problem.

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