No Man's Sky to Receive Stable Updates in 2020

Sean Murray, the head of the developer team of the space game No Man's Sky, developed by Hello Games and released in 2016, announced that the game will receive new updates in 2020.

No Man's Sky, which was criticized for being inadequate when it first came out, gained the appreciation of the players with the update packages it received in the past 4 years. The game, developed by Hello Games, has received solid updates in 2020 and seems to continue to receive it. Hello Games' founder Sean Murray said that fans of No Man's Sky can expect "stable" updates in 2020.

No Man's Sky, which has received 4 important content updates in the past 5 months, will continue to receive updates in the upcoming period, according to Murray's statement. The game, which received the updates of “Synthesis, ByteBeat, Living Ship and Eco Mechs”, pleased the players with these updates. Indicating that the Synthesis update for No Man's Sky is a start for them to broadcast the following content faster, Murray explained that they are happy with what all four updates add to the game.

Murray, who remained silent about the future updates in the rest of 2020, was content to say that they would proceed in a " much more planned " way. Considering that the developer team had a hard time due to lack of planning when the game first came out, this decision would be a much better decision for Hello Games.

New update is coming 

Hello Games is preparing to bring a new update for the game. Although there is not much information about the update, it is expected to include features that will allow poisonous plants to be locked for landscape use and some tasks that will continue in the "Space Anomaly". Although we do not know much about the new update, it does not seem to be an important update. Hello Games employees, who have to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, will experience a slight slowdown.


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