Now, Texts Scanned with Google Lens Can Be Sent Directly to Computer

Google has updated Lens, an artificial intelligence-supported image recognition application. Google Lens, which has gained 3 important innovations with the new version, will serve users in a more functional way.

US-based technology giant Google offers dozens of different services to consumers. One of the company's services in this context is the mobile application called

" Google Lens ". Google Lens, which we can describe as an image recognition application, can easily identify the objects displayed with its artificial intelligence support and can display information about these objects.

Google announced the innovations coming to the Lens service with its new blog post . According to the statements, the new features of Google Lens seem to increase the functionality of the application and make the life of consumers easier. Let's take a closer look at the new features of Google Lens without further ado.

Google Lens now has a Google Docs link

Perhaps the most important innovation added to Google Lens, according to the statements made, is that the application can now be used interactively with the computer . Accordingly, when users connect to Google Lens through the same account with the Google Chrome application on their computers, a text they scan with Google Lens can be transferred directly to Google Docs .

Another new feature of Google Lens allows users to learn word pronunciation. Users can listen to the pronunciation of words when they touch the " Listen " button. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to practice the words they have trouble saying.

The new features Google adds to the Lens are not just limited to them. In fact, if consumers come across a word or phrase that they do not know or want to learn about in their scans with Google Lens from now on, they will be able to get information directly on Google . In this way, Google Lens will start providing a new service to users.

Google Lens

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