NVIDIA, GeForce MX330 and MX 350 Graphics Cards Announced

The latest members of the NVIDIA GeForce MX graphics family, MX330 and MX350, were announced quietly by NVIDIA. Compared to the new graphics cards, GTX 1050 and GTX 960M, surprising results came out.

About a month ago, new information about the two new graphics cards that NVIDIA is expected to release has emerged. According to this information, NVIDIA GeForce MX330 and MX350 graphics cards would have Pascal architecture. Today, NVIDIA has formalized both graphics cards and these claims are true.

NVIDIA has created new product pages for GeForce MX330 and MX530 graphics cards. The company shared the GeForce Performance score along with the technical specifications of the graphics cards on the product page. Shared scores were compared to Iris Plus Graphics in Intel i7-1065G7 Ice Lake .

NVIDIA MX330 and MX350 are 2 times better than Iris Plus Graphics

According to NVIDIA's comparison, the GeForce MX330 provides 2 times better performance than Iris Plus Graphics, while the MX350 increases 2.5 times . NVIDIA shared the list that several APIs and operating systems are supported , informing that both graphics cards are using GDDR5 memory.

With NVIDIA's comparison limited to Iris Plus Graphics only, many people decided to compare new graphics cards to other graphics cards. The comparison made by NotebookCheck included new graphics cards GTX 1050 and GTX 960M graphics cards.

NotebookCheck stated that the GeForce MX330 and MX350 are quite similar to the MX150 v3 in his sharing . Regarding performance, the low performance of the GTX 1050 for the MX350 shared that the GTX 960M is equivalent  .

NVIDIA has really managed to improve the performance of the MX series using the GP107 Pascal chip used in the GTX 1050 on the GeForce MX350 . However, the company limited these two graphics cards to 64-bit memory and 25W . However, the performance of both graphics cards was not bad at all.

Compared to NotebookCheck's above comparison, the GeForce MX350 performed 38% lower than the GTX 1050 . GeForce MX330 performed 11% less than the MX350 . It is quite possible that NVIDIA's new graphics cards will appear on more portable laptops.

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