OnePlus CEO reveals key details about the design of the upcoming OnePlus TVs

OnePlus recently revised to its market strategy and announced it will once again attend to the mid-range segment. While we’ve been hearing about OnePlus mid-range smartphone for at least the last six month, the company is also launching a new lineup of affordable Android TVs as early as next week. A stream of official teasers is already pouring out and disclosing details like the starting price of less than ₹20,000 (~$265) for these TVs. In another official teaser, OnePlus has announced key details about the form of the upcoming TV range, stressing on a “burdenless design.”

In a post on the OnePlus Community, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau elaborated on the various design elements. According to the post, the upcoming OnePlus TV series will feature a minimal form factor and a sleek build. While we don’t exactly know which of the already certified models the post refers to, it should most likely apply to the most superior or premium model in the series.

The said Android TV from OnePlus will feature extremely thin bezels; the executive claims a screen-to-body ratio of 95% – which is even more than what we see on phones. In fact, there are no physical bezels on the front but only a strip of glass that has been covered with “a sheet of matte black glass.” The company has already talked about the software enhancements to this “Cinematic Display” in an earlier Community post.

The top, left, and right edges of the OnePlus TV are reinforced with a “single piece of aluminum alloy.”

The display panel measures only 6.9mm and hinges on to bottom part – which presumably has the motherboard and all the ports. While the upper part is made with some kind of “stainless steel composite panel” while the bottom is likely to be made of plastic and covered with a layer of the same carbon fiber pattern that we saw on the more premium OnePlus’ 4K QLED TVs that were launched last year.

With this, OnePlus certainly aims to raise the bar for affordable TVs. We’ll learn more about how well it can actually do so over the next week as more official teasers unfold and the company finally launches the TVs.

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