Patent Showing LG Working on a Phone with a Rollable Screen

It turns out that South Korean technology giant LG filed for a patent for a smartphone with a round screen. The smartphone seems to target more designers, considering its features.

Foldable screens are now used as usual on smartphones. However, before the technology could prove itself, rolling screens started to come to the agenda. Finally, it turned out that LG received a patent for a smartphone with a round screen.

The South Korean tech giant has applied at the U.S. Patent Office for a smartphone with a round screen. According to the patent, the screen of the smartphone can be opened on the right and reach tablet-like dimensions. In addition, LG seems to have used engines to turn the screen in and out.

The rolling screen phone allows you to open only part of the screen to perform a quick action , such as responding to messages . When it is completely turned off, the device turns into a notification screen by keeping some part of the screen out so that the clock and application notifications can be accessed quickly  .

At the top of the phone is a single camera sensor along with the handset. LG also added a pen to its rolling screen phone  . The pen at the bottom of the phone, taking notes, drawing etc. it doesn't offer anything special except for touch functions.

LG's smartphone will offer large screen size and multitasking flexibility where you can work with a pen or take notes on a portion of the screen . Looking at the usage conditions of the pen and the features offered by the screen, it is seen that the device is intended for designers. The phone can be used horizontally or vertically according to the users' preferences and the screen orientation is automatically adjusted.

Given that the patent was released on March 5, it's hard to predict how serious LG is about the smartphone with a round screen.

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